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Chem-Dry of Fair Oaks/Folsom provides area rug cleaning services for Fair Oaks, CA, Folsom, CA and surrounding areas.

Area and Oriental rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Like well-placed wall decor or fine paintings, they contribute to the overall character. The can complete the furnishing of a well-decorated room. Unlike wall decor, however, area rugs usually receive a fair amount of traffic. Rugs like this are often put down in high-traffic areas to decorate, liven up and even protect these living spaces. But who is going to protect the rugs?  Who will you trust to do proper rug cleaning?

Similar to carpets and upholstered furniture, area rugs act as air filters for the home. They trap dirt, non-living allergens and preventing those unhealthy elements from circulating to other rooms. But area rugs are only able to do this properly if they are maintained and kept clean. Your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs need to be regularly cleaned. Just as an air filter for your home ventilation system needs to be regularly replaced. We provide high quality area rug cleaning services, focusing on care and attention to detail. We restore rugs to their original beauty while removing dirt and non-living allergens*.

Local Area Rug Cleaning Professionals

You wouldn’t send your car, a substantial investment, to a mechanic you haven’t fully vetted. Nor would you bring in someone to work on your refrigerator who wasn’t fully qualified. You would want an expert technician to work on each of these. Someone who knows the best way to keep these possessions in prime condition. And just like your car or your refrigerator, you shouldn’t have your rugs taken care of by just anyone.

We are trained to clean all types of rugs, from common area rugs to expensive and delicate Oriental or Persian rugs. We use specialized tools and equipment for your area rug cleaning. Designed for whatever kind of rug you have, whether that is synthetic, wool, cotton, silk or one of many other types.

Our effective, yet gentle area rug cleaning and drying process, preserves the dye within the fibers of your rug. This leaves the colors in your rug vibrant and fresh. We do everything we can to make sure your area rug looks beautiful, vibrant and refreshed at the end of the cleaning process.

Some cleaning products used by other services leave behind residues. These can actually attract more dirt and dust and negate the benefits of the cleaning. Our cleaning products don’t leave behind any sticky, dirt-attracting residues. This means that your area rugs stay cleaner longer. Chem-Dry of Fair Oaks/Folsom provides a cleaner, safer and healthier home environment for your kids and pets.

What Hiring a Rug Cleaning Expert Means to You

Chem-Dry technician inspecting an area rug cleaning

When you bought your area rug, you probably spent a significant amount of time picking it out. You took the time to select the perfect pattern and colors to match your home and your lifestyle. Why would you give any less care and thought when it comes to deciding how to best clean and protect your rugs? Every area rug requires special care to maximize the life and durability of the piece. When selecting an area rug or Oriental rug cleaning service, it is worth paying attention to exactly how the people you hire will treat, clean and handle your rugs.

Our trusted professionals can clean almost any rug and have it looking fabulous. Whether you have a Pakistan-Kashan or a Romanian-Tabriz, you can trust our expert technicians to thoroughly but gently clean your area rug. We ensure your rugs are carefully handled and cleaned by our certified, trained specialists who perform a thorough evaluation on it in order to provide the safest, most effective rug cleaning for each individual rug. Due to the wide variety in construction materials and styles of area rugs, we’ll be happy to provide an in-home analysis for your any rugs you’d like cleaned and prepare a no-obligation quote.

Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Pros

Our gentle yet deep rug cleaning process removes dirt and non-living allergens* from your rugs while preserving the colors within the fibers, leaving your rugs vibrant and fresh. Our technicians will also inspect your area rugs for any problem areas, stains, pet messes, or any other sections that may need special attention and spot clean them in an attempt to remove them as completely as possible.

Trust your finest rugs to Chem-Dry of Fair Oaks/Folsom professionals and let our trained, certified specialists bring the patterns and colors of your area rugs back to their original beauty, while also leaving your home cleaner and healthier for you and your family.


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